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Shimano Safety Notice

Cochrane, Alberta - September 22, 2023

We, 4iiii Innovations Inc., are aware of the Safety Notice that Shimano issued for pre July 2019 11-Speed Bonded HallowTech II Road Cranks and are working closely with Shimano to keep our riders safe and their cycling uninterrupted. View Shimano’s Voluntary Recall here for further information to see if your cranks are subject to the recall.

If any 4iiii users are impacted by this recall, we are ready to replace their current crank-based power meters with their choice of either a factory install on their replacement cranks they’ve received from Shimano.

While only a small fraction of our riders should be impacted by this recall, it’s critical for us to keep them safe and get them back in the saddle as quickly and conveniently as possible.


My recalled crank has a 4iiii power meter on it, what now?

If your crank has a 4iiii power meter and you are wondering if it is included in the recall, you need to follow the Shimano guidelines to (1) identify the production code on the crank matches the Shimano recall list and (2) have your crank inspected by a participating Authorized Shimano Retailer. If your crank is part of the recall, AND has been inspected by an Authorized Shimano Retailer and deemed to have failed, Shimano will provide you with a replacement crankset and a rebate for the value of the power meter. You can then use the power meter rebate provided by Shimano to order a new 4iiii power meter.

More information and next steps can be found here.

How can I tell if my cranks are subject to the recall?

The recall affects all Shimano Dura-Ace or Ultegra 11-speed bonded HollowTech II road cranksets produced prior to July 2019. The affected model numbers are ULTEGRA FC-6800, FC-R8000 and DURA-ACE FC-9000, FC-R9100 and FC-R9100-P. The model numbers are stamped on the inside of the crank arm near the bottom.

How long will Shimano take to send me a replacement?

This is a question for Shimano directly, but we know they’re doing the best they can to get this expedited quickly. This recall impacts a relatively small number of people riding these cranks so they’re confident that the number of those riders affected will not overwhelm their existing service outlets and their dealers, so it should be a quick turn.

In some cases, replacement cranks may be available immediately from local dealer stock.

How long will a factory install take on my replacement cranks?

4iiii prides itself on a fast turn on factory installs for our Left-Side PRECISION 3+ or Dual PRECISION PRO models, usually taking less than a week to complete once we receive your crank. The number of riders impacted by this recall should be fairly small, so we don’t anticipate increased wait times as we manage this process.

Shimano Safety Notice
Shimano Safety Notice

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